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I’ve had a few. And I’m not exactly proud of the fact that I continued to pick the wrong boys over and over again. But I’m the sort of woman who has never shied away from making big mistakes. And frankly, my deeply rooted desire to “help” always seemed to lead me to an unfixable project.

You see, I knew who I was. With a few exceptions, I’ve always quite liked myself. But even knowing that I (for YEARS) had this unyielding need to be liked by OTHERS that I liked. And maybe that meant some things about me needed to change. So I fit more with their needs.

Maybe you can relate?

So for me, I earned affection by doing things. For everyone. All the time. In relationships, I was constantly the gardener, tending to the flower. Watering it. Ensuring it had enough sunshine. Reminding it how beautiful it was.

At some point, I’d drown the flower. And I’d have to start over again.

So when I met my husband, I was actually somewhat alarmed that there was nothing to fix—no soil to water, no sunshine to be gotten.

And I got to know the type of woman I could be when I had a partner who wanted to shoulder things WITH me. Who was capable of growing as well as gardening.

The same rings true in the world of online business. I see so many incredible women falling all over themselves, slaving away in the garden, focusing all of their time and energy on growing this flower and that flower.

You’re changing your personality to suit theirs—because you REALLY need to close this sale.

You’re taking less money than you deserve—because you REALLY need a new client.

But I have news for you. Every single time you change who YOU are to suit someone else’s needs?

It never works out.

That’s as true for romantic relationships as it is for business ones.

It is so important in today’s world that you fully embrace who you are—and give f*ck all about anyone else’s opinion. Because the right people? YOUR people? Your DREAM clients? Are only going to find you if you’re unapologetically being yourself.

When it comes to running an online business and attracting your dream clients?

Showing your truest self all begins with the copy on your website.

It’s their FIRST impression of you—who you are, what you offer, and why they should choose you over anyone else.

And if you’re too busy imitating the copy of your competitor? You’ll be stuck working with clients you don’t even like—assuming you imitate well enough to even snag them in the first place. Because guess what? It’s all you’re going to attract.

Meanwhile, the clients YOU want are lost in internet limbo, wondering where princess charming (that's you!) is.

Please my darlings—know that who you are and the gifts you bring to the world are YOURS and YOURS ALONE. You are beautiful, talented, and whip-smart. And you deserve ALL of the good the universe has in store for you.

But to get it? You’ve got to first be yourself.

You'll be astounded by the number of customers that are clamoring to work with you, once they come to know the REAL you.

About the Author

Allison Janda is a conversion copywriter and storytelling strategist. She has written eleven books and has been running her own show since 2012. Find her Facebook Community at /groups/moneycopy.