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Make a lasting impression with your sales page. This easy-to-read, laugh-out-loud guide will lay out exactly how to write a high-converting sales page for your next launch.

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Okay...but what is it?

Satisfied is a laugh-out-loud eBook guide on how to write a sales page that stimulates sales. Because you only have a few seconds to make a first impression. Here's what's included.


How do I grab their attention? What words sell? I've got a graveyard filled with Sales Page templates—how is this different from those? Help me. Answers to these questions and more.


Designed to feel out YOU and your unique writing style, this eBook walks you through writing a short-form sales page section-by-section.


Sell yo' $hit. Well written sales pages are designed to encourage action among new subscribers. Credit card number given? Check!


Skip painful hours spent reading frustratingly long, dull sales page templates that result in equally long, dull sales pages. This isn't a template, sis. It's Chris Pine over a candlelit dinner. Funny. Engaging. And no games.

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Perfect for online business owners

Sell coaching sessions or sell deliciously scented candles—this short-form sales page guide isn't picky! Perfect for product or service-based businesses, you won't have any trouble appealing to your visitors or converting leads into sales.

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I'm the owner and creative director of and I've been a professional writer for over a decade. My high-converting copy has helped multiple businesses bankroll millions of dollars. So you should hop on this train ASAP.


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