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Sex, Murder & Killer Cupcakes

Book #1 in the Marian Moyer Series.

She may be a crime-scene photographer, but that doesn’t mean Marian Moyer is ready to star in her own murder mystery. Most days, she can’t even control her hair.

But when the star of Marian’s racy, underground magazine turns up dead and the police are convinced she’s the guilty party, it’s up to Marian to find out who really did it before it’s too late.

While danger isn’t exactly her middle name, there’s plenty to go around, especially when Marian begins to suspect that her long-time man crush is behind it all.

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Seduction, Deceit & a Slice of Apple Pie

Book #2 in the Marian Moyer series.

It has been a little over a month since Marian was almost murdered. Thankfully, she’s settling nicely back into her calm, somewhat boring Milwaukee life with Fred, the red betta fish. That is, until her mother calls with news that will turn everything upside down.

With her niece missing and the suspect pool looking suspiciously familiar, it’s up to Marian to find Riley before a long-hidden secret threatens to rip her family apart.

All of that while Marian simultaneously dates college crush, James, and handsome newcomer, Mika? Surely nothing can go wrong along the way.

Scandal, Temptation, & A Taste of Flan

Book #3 in the Marian Moyer series.

Kidnapped. Nearly murdered – twice. Marian Moyer has spent the last few months avoiding any and all drama. Save for that time she decided whether she’d turn up the heat with smoldering James Holden or heart-stopping Mika Andrushkiv.

Unfortunately, Marian’s drama-free days are over with the arrival of Hollywood starlet Carmen Suarez. Brought in to model for Food Porn, Carmen’s face on the magazine cover will host benefits that, until now, Marian has only dreamt about. If she can just survive Carmen’s attitude, that is.

But when Carmen turns up dead and all fingers point to Marian’s BFF and business partner, Addison Dawes, Marian is forced to uncover the real truth behind Carmen’s death. Of course, what she finds brings several long-buried secrets to the surface – secrets that might have been better left unknown.

Ruthlessness, Revenge, & Raspberry Cheesecake

Book #4 in the Marian Moyer series.

Marian Moyer has led a perfectly ordinary life since turning 30. Her business is thriving, her relationships are solid, and her steady boyfriend is hotter than a 90’s heartthrob.

But when Marian is dragged to a party held in the home of suspected mob boss Jose Suarez, what should have been just an excruciating evening of small talk turns into a night she’ll never forget – and not in a good way.

After a mysterious woman appears at the party and confesses a mind-blowing connection to Mika, Marian is forced to question everything she thought that she knew. All of this, while she attempts to stay one step ahead of a cold-blooded killer, adds up to Marian’s most explosive mystery yet!

Lust, Longing, & Lemon Sorbet

Book #5 in the Marian Moyer series.

Spring is in the air and Marian Moyer is riding high. Her precious Food Porn studio is rebuilt, business just keeps booming, and the team might be ready to add a fourth employee to their roster.

Still, for every up there comes a down – and a doozy is right around the corner for Marian and her friends. When three different photographers with a chilling link are murdered, the police suspect that a serial killer is on the loose – and Marian could be next!

But when sexy PI’s Mika and James step in to help solve the case, Marian believes things are taken care of. That is until the prime suspect is announced – her own brother.

Ghosts, Goblins, & Gooseberry Crumble

The first-ever Marian Moyer NOVELETTE. It takes place after book 5.

It’s autumn! A time for caramel apples, corn mazes, and…murder?

When a local college student is stabbed to death at a popular haunted house, the entire city of Milwaukee is on high alert.

Intrigued by the case, Marian begins to investigate. But when Marian’s boyfriend is brought on board by the prime suspect’s mother for a little private detective work, Marian ends up with a bit more mystery than she bargained for.

With all the action of a full-length Marian Moyer novel, you won’t want to miss this quick, fun, “between the books” read.

Calamity, Crisis, & Creme Brulee

Book #6 in the Marian Moyer series.

Wedding bells are ringing, but that doesn’t mean Marian Moyer is ready to walk down the aisle. Her plans for a small, quiet affair are slowly unraveling and she’s anxious for a mental break.

When her friend Addison suggests a work-related getaway to Seattle, Marian is quick to agree. A new city is just the escape she needs to clear her head and get everything back on track.

It turns out that trouble can travel. As people around Marian begin to disappear, she becomes determined to solve the mystery. Just as Marian begins to make headway on her case, an old adversary appears–and he’s looking for blood.

Will Marian ever make it to the altar?

Devotion, Desire, & Dark Chocolate

Book 6.5 (A Marian Moyer Novelette)

Pure wedded bliss– that was what was on the agenda for Marian Moyer after her return from Las Vegas with her new husband.

Of course, things never stay calm around our heroine for long. When a childhood acquaintance meets an early demise, Marian gets roped into what she thinks is going to be a little side investigation. As fate would have it, that little investigation comes packed with one really big mystery.

Complete with all of the action enjoyed in a full-length Marian Moyer novel, you won’t want to miss this quick, fun, “between the books” Marian Moyer novelette.

Passion, Chaos, & Peanut Butter Fudge

Book #7 in the Marian Moyer series.

Even though Marian Moyer still loves solving a good mystery, she’s determined to focus more of her energy on her magazine—and less time getting herself into trouble.

So when a high-profile murder occurs and her husband takes the case, Marian is determined to stay out of it.

But when the routine questioning of a suspect turns violent for someone she loves, Marian is determined to help solve the case. Before anyone else she cares about gets hurt.

Pleasure, Pandemonium, & Pumpkin Scones

Book #8 in the Marian Moyer series.

Over the last two years, Marian Moyer’s days have been filled with photoshoots for Food Porn while her nights have been spent moonlighting as a crime scene photographer. That is when the gorgeous Mika Andrushkiv hasn’t kept her distracted between the sheets.

But as is habit, settling into a routine has allowed Marian—and those she loves—to let their guards down.

So when one of them goes missing leaving only a bloody trail of evidence behind, Marian and the remaining crew are left shaken and desperate for answers—fast. But the closer they get to discovering the truth, the more they put their lives at risk.

It's Marian's most explosive adventure yet—and you won't be able to put it down!

The Numbers Game

Book #1 in the Jack Crawford series.

When the body of a young woman is discovered by Detective Jack Crawford, he knows the notorious Roman Numeral Killer is back. What's worse, the appetite of the killer has changed from prostitutes and drug addicts to just about everyone else.

As the case explodes putting all of Seattle in an uproar, Jack works tirelessly to stay ahead of the noise.

Catching up with the most dangerous killer seen in decades won't be easy. A single misstep could make it deadly.

Lessons in Letting Go

A Standalone Women's Fiction

Think about the last time you were forced to let go...

...of a dream. Or a job. Maybe it was a relationship. For many people, letting go means change—and that’s not something everyone handles with grace.

Take Ingrid Watson for example. She simply can’t seem to let go. Of anything. Ever. But when her hand is forced it’s the changes that result from the fallout–—moving across the country, a new job, a dying musician—that teach Ingrid letting go doesn’t always mean the end. Sometimes being strong enough to let go of our fantasies grants us a beautiful new beginning.

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