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Does that word inspire fear or fire?

Me? I’m naturally competitive.

As in, I once ran an entire marathon out of spite.

At that point, I’d managed to finish the Chicago Marathon in 6 hours and 28 minutes.

Exactly two minutes before the golf cart would have come to collect me.

And as that had been my only goal, I was satisfied with my finishing time.

But I also wondered. Was I capable of more?

So I did some training. Completed a few smaller runs including a handful of half marathons.

And set a new goal for myself—finish a marathon in five hours or less. My best half time was 2.5 hours and my 5-hour goal felt reasonable.

But there are always well-intentioned folks who try to bring us back to reality, hmm?

It was explained to me that I could NOT, in fact, finish a full marathon in 5 hours.

Think of how tired I was after 2.5 hours.

And I’d still have another 13.1 miles to go.

No way.

No how.

Well, my darlings.

A simple, “no, you can’t” is often all that’s needed to inspire some very poor decision-making on my part.

I DID complete a marathon within my goal time.

In fact, I blew that goal out of the beginning runner’s galaxy with a finishing time of 4:33:34.

But the cost?

During the five months of training, it took me to get to that point, I was:

- Sustaining on 1100 calories per-day (even when I was burning anywhere from 200 to thousands with running)

- Obsessed with my weight (fitting into sizes I couldn’t even fit in, in middle school)

- Single-minded—to the detriment of several relationships (nothing was more important than training)

And there were longer-lasting effects once the race was over.

Because I couldn’t maintain that lifestyle.

So the running dropped off.

The weight came back.

My times inched up.

And I decided that if I couldn’t complete an 8-minute mile, then I simply wouldn’t run.

Or exercise at all.

Did I mention how much I love to eat brownies?

Oh boy, did THAT do a number on my overall health and wellness.

Fast forward six years.

I get pregnant.

And it became about who NEEDED me.

Who I needed to be around for.

Who deserved getting as much time with me as possible.

As in, I want to live to an age where my child is like, “No, really mom. It’s cool. You can go into the light, now.”

So I went in for a physical six months after I gave birth.

And wouldn’t you know it? I was in horrible shape. Overweight. High cholesterol.

Running was my starting point. I knew it—but oh, how my pride hurt those first few weeks.

Just as before, I really REALLY wanted to quit.

Here, I’d gone from what, in my mind, was the pinnacle of athletic achievement for myself—to barely being able to puff through a mile in fifteen minutes.

But I forced myself to swallow that pride.

That competitive streak, you know.

Promised myself it would get better.

If only I kept trying, kept working, kept reaching…success would come.

Because isn’t that is what life is?

It’s not enough to WANT something.

You have to want it AND work for it.

Starting your own business, I've found, calls for similar gumption and work ethic.

It’s not enough to want what running your own show can afford you—location freedom, money, more time with family.

You have to want it AND do the work.

Step outside your comfort zone.

Maintain visibility.

Tell your story authentically—in a way that makes people give a damn about who you are and what you offer.

And most importantly?

Don’t give f*ck all about what other people think you’re capable of.

YOU can do incredible things.

YOU can overcome your unique obstacles.

YOU can have the life and the clients that you deserve.

And NO ONE ELSE can foretell what YOUR capabilities are.

You're the only person in control of what you do—or don't do.

Because you were born to burn bright.

And if you need help finding the right words to share along your journey?

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See you soon.


About the Author

Allison Janda is a conversion copywriter and storytelling strategist. She has written eleven books and has been running her own show since 2012. Find her Facebook Community at /groups/moneycopy.